VPNGhost & RogueVPN Scam!

Earlier this year VPNGhost hosted a lifetime subscription offer on the stacksocial site for only $25. It sounded too good to be true but I bit the bullet and tried them out and the service wasn’t the best but it got the job done, when the servers worked that is.

I only used the service occasionally and when I did I would have to go through a tedious process of logging into their site and downloading the new keys or server credentials in zip format to be used in conjunction with tunnelblick a free software for open vpn.

The whole process was time consuming until Q4 this year when they decided to change the name to RogueVPN without notice, a simple email would of suffice but instead I found out when I went to their site and was redirected to the new one where surprisingly enough my credentials didn’t work.


After sending an email to admin@roguevpn.net I received the following response:


users are required to register a new account with the same email so we can link your subscription.


and that was it.

Today I tried using their service and both websites are offline, their facebook page has been deleted and the twitter account for both names seem abandoned since October and I can find any site anywhere talking about this. Am I the only not ok with an online company scamming everyone for a lifetime subscription with a subpar service and then a few months later just packing up and leaving?

Doing some research on them I discovered that they also had a Kickstarter campaign earlier in 2015 where user Tannerpid posted the following:

“Phantom sent the following email to those who have not seen it “I feel as though its only fair that I inform users why VPNGhost has dissolved. I was an original co founder of VPNGhost. When we started gaining lots of users, “Casper” decided that revenue is more important than UX. I did not agree, after a few arguments over the reliability of the service I was basically cut off my own website so I could not access any accounts or anything. I lost full control of the website and the outcome was the terrible money scam rogue Facebook. I would like to personally appoligize to all users for any inconvience “Casper” may have caused you. It was beyond my control and if it were up to me the site would still be going at full functionality I left it with. The truth is, “Casper” is money hungry and never cared about the service or the users to begin with, even now. So my due dilligance is to share this with you.”

I am pretty sure there are a lot of angry customers out there and if anyone has anymore information on this I would love to hear it.


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